Adrian Galysh Announces Special Guest STUART HAMM for New Record

[May 10, 2018; Los Angeles, California]—Guitarist Adrian Galysh has tapped bassist Stuart Hamm to lend his talents to Venusian Sunrise: 20th Anniversary Edition. As a special guest performer on two tracks, Stuart Hamm brings both world-class bass playing and a wealth of experience to the project. Fans of both guitar music know Stuart from his seminal performances on Steve Vai’s “Flexible” and “Passion and Warfare” albums, Joe Satriani’s “Dreamin #11”, “Flying In A Blue Dream”, “Time Machine”, and “Crystal Planet” albums, as well has Hamm’s eight solo recordings, and appearances on the cover of Bass Player Magazine.

Stuart and Adrian had the chance to jam at a couple Hollywood events, after which Galysh decided to ask Stuart about playing on a couple songs on Venusian Sunrise: 20th Anniversary.

“Stuart’s timing, tone, and creative bass lines are just what these two tracks needed.” declares Galysh. “When I originally wrote and recorded these songs, I was totally into Satriani, Vai, and Stu’s solo records. You can certainly hear their influences on the songs themselves. Having Stuart be a part of the 20th Anniversary recordings really brings the project full circle for me.

Galysh has been described as “A virtuoso of modern electric and acoustic guitar techniques” by 20th Century Guitar magazine. He’s been dazzling audiences for over 20 years, whether backed by his own band, or as sideman for ex-Scorpions guitar-god Uli Jon Roth.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut release, Venusian Sunrise (1998), Galysh will be re-recording the entire work, recalling that, “Venusian Sunrise was recorded in my parent’s basement on a single Alesis 8-Track ADAT recorder. While the performances are commendable for their time, given limited resources at the age of 22—it lacks what 20 years of experience and advancement in recording technology can now easily provide—richer guitar tones, advanced recording techniques, the palatial keyboard and realistic orchestral sounds of today, and maybe most importantly… real drums!”

Galysh adds, “The new version of Venusian Sunrise will be performed and recorded the way I wished I could have done it back then, but with the tools and know-how that didn’t exist in the day.

Production limitations notwithstanding, Venusian Sunrise was one of Galysh’s best-selling albums, released during the halcyon years of compact disc sales and the burgeoning days of independent record labels. As an independent release it garnered coverage in guitar magazines and a growing number of online review websites, firmly establishing Galysh as an up-and-coming player in guitar circles of the time.

Venusian Sunrise: 20th Anniversary Edition will be released this summer and available at all online retailers.

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